American bait for catching predatory fish
Akron, Ohio, USA, summer 1949 "Bloody worm", he cursed Nick Crim, when he cast tooling for catching black bass was off the hook last Nightcrawler. The remains of the worms…

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Wholesale fish in Kazakhstan
Perciformes (lat. Perciformes) — a detachment of the class of bony fish. There are over 6000 species and about 150 families. Characteristic features: part fin rays has the form of…

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Food for aquarium fish

It is no secret that on the correct feeding of aquarium fish depends on their health, well-being and breeding success.

Therefore, you should thoroughly approach the question of choosing food for aquarium fish.

Live food for aquarium fish

Motyl. Perhaps the most common live food sold in stores. The most valuable food, loved by all, without exception, carnivorous fish. The signs of quality bloodworms – it needs to be in color bright red. Burgundy or dark red color of the moth suggests that it had deteriorated. Such bloodworms to give the fish is not worth it. Bought bloodworms should be rinsed in running water.

Store food in the refrigerator in the vegetable compartment in a moist cloth. In this form it can be stored up to 7 days. You can keep the bloodworms in frozen form, if to prepare him for the future.

Coretta. Mosquito larvae bloodworm. You can feed the fish, but it is less nutritious than bloodworms.

Tubifex – oligochaete worm, who is as happy to eat fish. But it should be thoroughly washed before giving to the fish, because it is a frequent carrier of disease.

The Daphnia. This crustacean is an indispensable food for fry and young fish because small in size and contains large amounts of protein and fat.

Stored in any vessels with good aeration.

Cyclops.This crustacean is also good feed for fish, it should be sorted by size and give respectively the size of the fish.

Enchytraeus – pot worm. Very useful food for aquarium fish that can be breed at home.

It is extracted in spring, when the soil in the garden moist in places of a congestion of leaves in the bottommost layer, where it has rot, you can find enough of these worms. Caught the worms are transferred into an earthen pot, filled with peregnoem, laid on top of cereal, white bread, soaked in milk, boiled potatoes (dropwise ground), covered with glass and put in a dark place. The optimum temperature is 18-20 C°. After a few days, the worms were collected from the humus put on bread or potatoes – they accumulate under them.

For a long time to give the worms should not – they are rich in protein but poor in vitamins.

Fishing for catfish with samovodskata.
I have to go to village on fishing. There is forest, river, meadows, the air, everything, even the water is different and this can be noticed only by local residents.…


The Maritime aquarium at home
The difference between marine aquarium from freshwater counterpart in the unusual used items, decorative designs and the tank contents with salt water. It requires the use of more expensive technologies…

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