Marine aquarium
Marine aquariums differ much more sensitive to any changes in the environment. The most important parameters for saltwater aquariums are pH, salinity and temperature. Occasionally the nitrite and ammonia will…

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Aquarium goldfish – types, care
Goldfish is one of the most famous and popular subspecies of ornamental freshwater fish that belong to the genus carp. The history of the domesticated goldfish has many centuries –…

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Som in the slow cooker

Catfish cooked in a slow cooker (Panasonic, Redmond, Polaris, Philips, Scarlett, Moulinex, Vitek and other models) is very simple. Catfish can be fried, baked with vegetables and simmer in the sauces — all cooked catfish is very tasty. Propose to get acquainted with these delicious recipes: jellied fish in the slow cooker. marine fish in slow cooker , fish in sour cream in slow cooker. fish in foil in slow cooker .

Ingredients for catfish in a slow cooker:

400 g catfish fillet; 100 g of flour; 1 egg; ½ Measuring Cup of milk; vegetable oil for frying.

Som in the slow cooker: recipes for

How to cook catfish in a slow cooker? Prepare first catfish in batter. Part of the leave flour for breading. The other part needed for the batter. Half of the flour dissolve in milk or water. Add one egg and a pinch of salt. With a fork mix thoroughly stir until smooth. Catfish fillet cut into pieces and sprinkle with salt.

Heat the slow cooker with vegetable oil on the program “Baking”. Each serving piece roll in flour, drop into the batter. Fry on each side soma in slow cooker until tender. Serve catfish out of the slow cooker with lemon, and fresh herbs.

Som in the slow cooker with potatoes: how to cook

Ingredients to soma in a slow cooker:

500 g catfish fillet;

600 g potatoes;

onions and carrots-1 piece;

4-5 stolovaja sunflower oil.

Prepare catfish:

Sliced potatoes with salt, put in the slow cooker. Pre-pour oil. The next layer is the som. Salt the fish.

Make the top layer of potatoes. Generously smear the mayonnaise on the top of the dish. Cook on “Stew” for 60 minutes. When the fries with the catfish in the slow cooker is ready, you hear a beep. Bon appetit!

Catfish stew in slow cooker: recipe

Ingredients for catfish:

500 g catfish.

1 large tomato;

1 large sweet pepper;

carrots and onions: 1 piece;

½ Measuring Cup of sour cream;

fresh herbs;

spices to your taste.

Cooking catfish in a slow cooker:

Catfish cut into serving pieces and sprinkle with salt. Put on the bottom multivarki. All the vegetables cut and mixed. Lay the pieces on soma.

To grease with mayonnaise or sour cream. To put on the program of suppression, for one hour. Run mode is in operation. After the signal som in the slow cooker ready. Bon appetit!

Food for aquarium fish
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Red-tail catfish, or Phractocephalus
Practieal, or redtail catfish is a beautiful fish, but very large and predatory. In order to contain such a catfish, you should have an aquarium of at least 500 liters.…

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