Golden Orff
The origin Orfe (Leuciscus what year was your last var. Orphus) Orff or Orff gold – not often seen fish that descended from the common IDE. Has the original pale…

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Aquarium gold fish: the symptoms
Aquarium gold fish is a small miracle, caressing eyes. Aquarium goldfish soothe the nerves, to watch them is a pleasure. But watch for goldfish should be regularly and for the…

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Man-eating sharks are operating in tandem

A team of international experts, who arrived at the Egyptian resort of Sharm El-Sheikh after a few cases of shark attacks on humans, concluded that the coast, swim at least two predators that used to eat human flesh.

This opinion was voiced by experts after carefully studying the nature of the wounds on the bodies of the victims from shark tourists. According to them, the predator even belong to different species. If Russians and Ukrainians attacked korotkaia Mako, the deaths of German women over the weekend blame white tip reef shark. According to scientists, this is the worst scenario that they assumed, as one individual it would be much easier to catch.

While biologists believe that the Cougars, who were recently caught off the coast of the red sea, the people did not attack. It turns out that the shark-killers are still on the outside.

Meanwhile, scientists are trying to understand why fish that very rarely attack people, to change their behaviour. According to the expert from the United States, Director of the Florida program for shark research George Burgess, now the coast is examined in order to find any violations of ekosistemy the red sea.

Burgess noted that one of the most plausible explanations for the appearance of predators in shallow water are the actions of the Egyptian animators. According to him, the organizers of entertainment specially threw chickens into the water to attract sharks, which like to be photographed by tourists.

The beaches of Sharm El Sheikh are still closed for tourists. In some places, to dive to the depth allowed it, but only for experienced divers. Egyptian authorities meanwhile continue to search for man-eating sharks. According to the Advisor of the Minister of environmental protection of the country of Mustafa Ford, within the next 24 hours to search for Cougar in the area of hotels in Sharm El-Sheikh will be connected all available tools and resources. “The search for moving hard, because sharks are characterized by high mobility, and we are not able to comb through hundreds of kilometers at the same time”, – he told.

Recall that another attack shark took place on December 5 in the Red sea. Marine predator had bitten 70-year-old German tourist. vacationing at the popular Egyptian resort of Sharm El-Sheikh, in Naama Bay. From mutilation and loss of blood, the woman died.

The attack occurred the very next day after the ban on swimming in the Red sea, entered December 1, when the teeth from sharks injured four tourists – Russians and Ukrainian.

Food for aquarium fish
It is no secret that on the correct feeding of aquarium fish depends on their health, well-being and breeding success. Therefore, you should thoroughly approach the question of choosing food…


Dangerous animals of the Black sea
Dangerous animals of the Black sea. Medusa Aurelia. Medusa kornerot. Stingray. Black sea Scorpion. Weeverfish. The Scorpion visible. "Training project in geography" - the rating of the project. The performance…

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