Sharks: The story of a bookplate

Ten years ago, on the island of Sipadan in Malaysia, I took a picture of my first shark. It was almost certainly a shark-Zebra, Stegostoma fasciatum. The current was carrying us along sheer walls, and she, mysterious and beautiful, gleamed in the distance. My heart jumped to somewhere in the Adam’s Apple, I quickly raised the camera and took this blurry picture.


The shark disappeared into the depths, and I got a new hobby — a passion for cartilaginous fish. Have devoted a considerably long time, wrote some articles , even led a couple of sections in Wikipedia. Traveled to different corners of the planet to dive with them.

Of all the sharks I liked Fox, or as she is known in English, thresher. She is like a shark-Zebra with long tail and harmless disposition. Graceful, smooth and swift. Without the aura of celebrity, without the reputation of a ruthless killer. So to speak, a humble toiler of the ocean depths.

Thresher shark (Alopias vulpinus, Thresher shark). Illustration from the book “A field guid to the sharks of the world”

One man worked as a babysitter green turtles. Carefully collected eggs laid in the sand, “hatched”in a special incubator. When hatched baby turtles, releasing them a few metres from the shoreline. Thus he increased the percentage of surviving calves, with the deletion of the list of dangers of land animals and birds. Cherepashchuk had to crawl just a few meters from the water. Most kids coped with it perfectly. The predators simply do not have time. The contribution of this human population of green sea turtles Sulawesi is difficult to overestimate.

A small green turtle in a hurry to water

In free from this noble pastime time he listened to reggae and cut razor-sharp knife animal figures. I made an image of a Fox shark, a seal made from a large eraser. Next to the shark adorned the characters “tengu”, my online nickname in Japanese style. For many years I have put this print on the books, used is bookplate.

One artist took my shark and made her bookplate, which I use now.

Every time kleiva in another book by a white square with a shark, I think of a tropical island, with needle rising from great depth, small as a city block, and is lonely. Remember the cabin, the roar of the lightning storm, heavy rustling of huge turtles in a wicker wall. I remember nights on the shore, palm trees in the starlight and the feeling that you’re in the center of the universe.