Ornamental pond

Make the pond at the dacha with his hands can any modern inhabitant of the metropolis. And this does not need to resort to heavy construction equipment. The material describes how to make a pond on the site with the help of finished plastic containers and plastic film. Before making a pond in the garden need to carefully plan its development, and bookmarks.

How to make a pond from a film on a plot in the garden?
With the flexible coating to really bring to life most daring idea, maybe only slightly adjust its size in accordance with the actual width of the roll of film or butyl rubber, so there were no big scraps, because the cost of these materials is quite high. We offer you to learn how to make a pond with his own hands using locally available materials.

When choosing a location, before you make a garden pond with your hands, make sure that most of specific points of the plot it looked great, but on its surface one could see an interesting reflection not only of clouds, but the house and plants.
To make a pond with their hands out film, first with a hose or pegs with the rope apply to the ground circuit of the reservoir. Even better make the place where the mirror will be water, plastic wrap, attaching the edges to the ground with stones or nails, and see how your future pond will look from all points of the garden. Only after answering all the questions, allow all doubt, you can go to the next step — marking the final shape of the pond with a hose or rope with pegs. Make sure again that the pond on the site after the construction will be perfect look of the house and with other specific points of the garden, at this stage it is still easy to change, then this would be much more difficult.

The device and the construction of a pond with their hands step by step
Further, we propose to learn how to make a pond with their hands steps with accompanying photos and video. After determining the ideal form water mirrors in the “correct” location of the garden will clear the set of plants that fall into this area, remove the sod, if it exists, check the levelness of the site and level it. The device next to the pond with his hands to dig a pit. The excavated earth is better to take the car in in advance certain place, it is easier to dig from the edges to the center, gradually going deeper. When you need to carefully choose construction debris, sharp rocks, chopped off the roots of the trees.

During the construction of a pond with their hands do not forget to include in the pond terraces, horizontal and wide (30-40 cm). When meter depth of pond is one terrace level is 30cm. The banks should be gently sloping.

Once the pit is ready, it is necessary to check the level of the Bank and if necessary to correct them. They must be in the same plane, then in finished form no part of the coast are above the water surface, and the tape will not stick. It is important to tamp the bottom and sides of the pit, the form of which must be beautiful in itself. Tape or cord, you need to carefully measure the length and width of the prepared trench in the longest places, and allow each side 20-30 cm for decorating the shoreline, so you will know the necessary size of the cloth film of PVC or butyl rubber for pond.

Ready the pit have covered the river sand with a layer of 3-5 cm, the thinner the film, the should be thicker than that of the buffer layer of sand. The sand is well kept on the surface, it can be a bit wet. If the ground is littered with small pebbles or there is a possibility of film damage near the roots of trees, need to shoot a bed of soft subsoil or any improvised material.

Spread the foil in the construction of a pond with their hands better on a Sunny warm day, it will be more plastic. Trying not to pull, you need to distribute it in the pit. Butyl and PVC film can be stretched well and can shoot the surface of the sloping banks, but to completely avoid wrinkles will not succeed. Often it is preferable to stack several large folds, rather than many small, they are easier to push rocks or be glued to the main part of the film. The film should be loose, in no case do not pull it. At this stage it is desirable to have one or two helpers, as film materials for the work will be finished, hurry up with the packing film, so the possibility of rain did not spoil the pit.

After laying of the film should ensure that across the edge of the shore there is a stock of 20-30 cm, are necessary for reliable sealing its edges under gravel or soil. Expanding film, forming main pleats and making sure the film enough, press it against the edge of a small stone or nail large nails, protect from wind.

How to make a decorative artificial pond with his hands: photo and video
The most laborious part of the work is finished. But the process has not been completed. Before you make an artificial pond it is important to carefully consider the design of the shoreline. If you have a large number of stone-cobblestone, they can put the entire shore of the pond and even the bottom. When laying stones you are supposed to, starting with stairs at the depth of 30 cm, then water can be filled directly to this point, periodically pulling and tightening the folds of the formed film. To prevent damage to the tape carefully select stones before you make a decorative pond, and do not use those that have sharp edges and corners.

For the bottom row of stones away the largest with a flat bottom surface. To lie they must steadily, as they will build all of the overlying rocks. Flat stones are unsteady on incline, move out, for slope it is better to use rounded large cobble. The basic rule of styling — the top stone should be based on the lower two. With the laying of the stones not in a hurry, pick their size and quality, the most beautiful place in the upper ranks — they will decorate the coastline. When left to fit the last two rows of rocks, the pond should fill it with water to make sure that all parts of the coast are in the same horizontal plane. If not, sand or soil under the film.

Made an artificial pond with his hands in the photo might look different than it happens in reality.
Another difficulty is that few know how to dig a pond in your own hands, you must know how it fill with water. Pour water with a hose gently running. As you fill the pond do not forget from time to time to fix the tape, then this would be much harder. After filling the pond with water and finishing work you might upset the greening water. This will be resolved Supplement 1-2 buckets of water out of any old pond or even a ditch. Cloudy water in a new pond — it is a normal process, which should last no longer than two to three weeks, during which the biological equilibrium is established and the water becomes clear and pure. This point we just need to survive.

Make the pond with his own hands photo help only in case of standard design. In all other cases, you should only adhere to the basic rules.

Excellent way to maintain the clarity of the water the tadpoles that are filter the water and feed on algae, so rejoice in the appearance of frog eggs in the pond. Harder to get rid of filamentous algae, which breed freely in the pond if you accumulate a lot of organic matter from fallen leaves. This will help to manage regular fees net of all crop residues, fallen into the water, and planting aquatic and shoreline plants that “nacada” can’t compete: nymphs, cattail, etc. the cleanliness of the water in the pond contribute to the cochlea.

After filling the pit with water, trim the edges of the film with a margin of 20-30 cm and slightly zaglubit them to not be excessive, nail to the ground with large nails and sprinkle gravel or soil.

The coastal zone is made last but not least: pour soil, gravel, planted plants, placed boulders, flagstone, installed the decking. If a Bank provides the stacking of pebbles or gravel, lay under a layer of geotextile (black lutrasilom), one edge of which is necessary to get under the film, the other under stones or paving stones. The geotextile will not allow you to break the weeds and do not allow the filling material to blend with the ground.

If you decide to equip on the edge of the pond observation deck or a place to rest, when using limestone it is necessary to consolidate the grout. The pond adjacent to the outdoor terrace looks great. Bridges, footbridges and overhanging the water terrace — not only a great decorative element of the garden, but also an ideal place for relaxation.

The larger the pond, the easier it is supported in biodynamic equilibrium, the easier it is to contain. Help to maintain biological balance and plants, but they should not cover more than half of its water surface area. In a week or two after the “construction” of the pond water will become transparent, get settled the first inhabitants of wadomari, newts, frogs, snails, fly dragonflies, birds and cats will drink water from it, and you’ll be sitting on the bench, enjoying your own “piece” of nature. See how to make the pond in the photo, these materials accompany the steps listed above.

Decorative plastic pond with his hands and his photo
Beginners think that to make a pond with their hands in the form of finished plastic easier than a reservoir with a flexible waterproofing. At first, the store forms seem huge, but once installed in the ground they look about two times smaller, and filled with water look very tiny puddles. Such containers are good for raised ponds clear geometric forms, for installation on slopes when the lower part is decorated by a retaining wall or rockery.