Man-eating sharks are operating in tandem
A team of international experts, who arrived at the Egyptian resort of Sharm El-Sheikh after a few cases of shark attacks on humans, concluded that the coast, swim at least…

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Marine aquarium for beginners
You can create a fabulous world of warm tropical seas with amazing color, shape, behavior of exotic animals and fish. Most lovers of the underwater world home with the fear…

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Dangerous animals of the Black sea

Dangerous animals of the Black sea. Medusa Aurelia. Medusa kornerot. Stingray. Black sea Scorpion. Weeverfish. The Scorpion visible.

“Training project in geography” – the rating of the project. The performance criteria of protection. The idea of the project. Evaluation of the project. The tasks of the project. Negative trends in the industry. The construction of a metallurgical plant. The urgency of the problem. Problem. Importance in the economy of the country. Projects of students. Develop your own ways to resolve the problem.

“”Far East” grade 9″ – the Climate of the Far East. Only on the Kamchatka Peninsula more than 20 active volcanoes. Coal reserves in the far East. Biological resources. The Topography Of The Far East. Internal water. The area of coniferous-broadleaved forests. Ores of nonferrous metals. Natural conditions and resources of the Far East. Natural resources of the Far East. Natural areas of the Far East. 18 oil and gas fields.

“Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kiev” Sofia repeatedly burned, rebuilt. Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kiev. Mosaics and frescoes of St. Sophia Cathedral were created in the middle of the XI century. Mosaics originally occupied a huge area. The St. Sophia Cathedral became the main temple of the country. In 1240 Sophia Cathedral was looted and partially destroyed. The mosaics of the main altar and main dome— are the art masterpieces. Mosaic Of Virgin Orans. St. Sophia Cathedral was founded in 1037 by Prince Yaroslav the Wise.

“Volga River Basin” – The Volga. The bridge over the Volga river in Saratov. Lower Volga. Volga river near Zhiguli. Source. The Central waterway of Russia. Originates in the Valdai hills. The Upper Volga. Volga in Astrakhan. River system. River in the European part of Russia. Average Volga. Volga in Rzhev. Volga in Tver.

“Angarsk” – “Angarsk”. In Angarsk has 13,2 % of industrial output and 10 % of the population of the region. The city has several construction companies. Occupies an area of 294 km? (21 thousand hectares). Angarsk is an important hub of pipeline transport. Passes through the territory of the oil pipeline “Omsk-Angarsk” and the ethylene pipeline “Angarsk-Sayansk”. Population. Infrastructure. The Symbolism Of Angarsk. Services trade have about 1000 companies.

“Characterization of the Urals” is a geographical position. The position of the district. Water resources. The forest industry. Physico-geographical position. Ural economic region. Engineering. Metallurgy. Industry. Chemical industry. Population. Ural. The composition of the population. Natural resources of the area.

The Maritime aquarium at home
The difference between marine aquarium from freshwater counterpart in the unusual used items, decorative designs and the tank contents with salt water. It requires the use of more expensive technologies…


The fauna of the Mariana trench
Modern humanity has only explored 5% of the ocean floor, so it is hard to imagine what mysteries he can store. What's going on there, no sunlight; which the inhabitants…

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