Fishing in Ukraine: Transcarpathia Large catfish are caught on spinning.
A fisherman from Transcarpathia (Ukraine) during sports! fishing on the Tisza river caught a big catfish - fish draped 52 kg, and its growth reached 2.10 m About the secrets…

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Catfish marinated sauce Wasabi
Fish, catfish rice Vinegar - black rice Vinegar - red Oil - sesame Oil - olive Sauce - sweet soy Sauce - Worcestershire Sauce - pomegranate Paste - Wasabi Mayonnaise…

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Stocking ponds

In recent years significantly increasing the number of owners of garden and country sites. For a full life, you need a pond, even small, so many owners of household plots, want it, and who has, I want to equip it filtration system to keep the water clean and fish healthy.

Benefit from a small pond on the land trudnootdelema. In aesthetic terms, a pond inhabited by ornamental and aquarium fish, with aquatic vegetation selected together with a correspondingly designed area can become a place that is most attractive, bringing peace of mind and satisfaction.

Microvolume can be used for economic purposes: the cultivation of pond fish for their own consumption or sale, as well as for the organization of fishing.

The choice of directions of use of the reservoir, of course, depends on your ability and desires. Considering a variety of options for the use of small water bodies, fish farming is a promising sphere of application of forces and means, it is an interesting, pleasant and useful activity which brings money.

Stocking the pond with trout

May 13, 2009. We were invited to country pond stocking of trout fry in Riga, Latvia. Spotliteautousa about the filtration system, and panoramic views of fish pond.

Garden pond garden pond Decorative pond for Decorative fish pond for fish resting-Place on the shore of fish pond resting Place on the shore of the fish pond filter System, fish pond filter System, fish pond Login filter a decorative pond, the entrance to the filtration system pond, We went down We went down a Mechanical filter for country pond fish Mechanical filter for country pond fish Biological filter for Biological pond filter for pond stocking Produced the first decorative pond trout stocking the first Produce a decorative pond trout Trout immediately ran the Trout did not immediately fled away

On 12 August 2009. Came to look at our pond.

Country pond with filtration system country pond with filtration system for an Ornamental pond and an artificial stream Ornamental pond and an artificial stream is a Place where the Creek empties into the pond in a Place where the Creek empties into the pond in the Landscaping of a country pond with fish. General appearance. The greening of a suburban pond with fish. General appearance. Improvement of fish pond Landscaping pond with fish