Goldfish Comet
Comet fish are great for aquariums, shallow ponds and suburban ponds more. Comet fish of the carp family, refers to a type of goldfish. Tramacua, Coldwater. omnivorous, peaceful schooling fish.…

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Dangerous animals of the Black sea
Dangerous animals of the Black sea. Medusa Aurelia. Medusa kornerot. Stingray. Black sea Scorpion. Weeverfish. The Scorpion visible. "Training project in geography" - the rating of the project. The performance…

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Is it profitable to breed the fish in ponds?

Every water pool on the farm, at least it was built for a different need, you can always simultaneously be used for breeding fish. With some attentiveness and care works for nothing will never disappear. If you are inside of ownership of a lake, right by the settlement of his juveniles you can increase the amount of fish, and consequently, and profit from it. In the pond gully on the steppe, you can make no ex-here before fish. From flowing through your ownership of the river you can divert water to the lowland, where to arrange a number of ponds for proper fisheries management. Ponds can be constructed in a meadow, but more often they lay in wastelands, swamps, etc., unfit for any other purpose and are quite suitable for ponds. Subsequently, the bottom of the ponds, which fish usually do not deep, turn in arable land: the silt deposited from the water, is an excellent fertilizer, and this gives the pond a few years a fine crop of oats and other breads. On the other hand, if after harvesting of oats to fill the pond with water again, bred in a pond rich in food for fish, causing it to quickly feed that the farmers just need more. Thus, here one business helps another: from water deposited silt and makes the bottom is fertile for the cultivation of bread and herbs, and vozdelyvaniya or herbs, especially with fertilizer, manure and lime, after the flooding of arable land with water makes the pond bottom is fertile for cultivation of fish.

Arrange the ponds and of a different kind, for example, for breeding valuable fish, trout, require clean, cold and running water. For her own ponds smaller, but deeper. These ponds are arrange especially for cultivation of fish, in streams or diverting water from rivers.

That settling water through the issuance to them of fish is not without profit, perhaps nowhere more proved by the fact that both abroad and at us in polgorodnik areas, especially in suburban areas and TL, the tenants rabotorgovtsev take off the rivers and lakes and inhabit them with fish, mostly trout, bringing it personally or buying it for the young fish. We have near St. Petersburg (gostilitsi, a Plus), and near Moscow there are also tenants farmers and other entrepreneurs involved to the benefit of the trout to supply the capital market.

Gives a considerable profit fish farming in ponds: the ponds give the poor as much as the best of the lake.

Marine aquarium
The aquarium has long been considered not only a stylish decoration but also a useful tool can have a laxative effect. Salon aquariums "Aqua boutique" Petersburg offers a full range…


Mediterranean sea
The longest is the Mediterranean coast, anciently prityagivaet and the favorable strategic location, rich marine resources and a mild climate. Currently there are wonderful beaches with Golden sand and gently…

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