Fishing for catfish with samovodskata.
I have to go to village on fishing. There is forest, river, meadows, the air, everything, even the water is different and this can be noticed only by local residents.…

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How to build a saltwater aquarium?
If a person is not an aquarist, he can perceive the content of fish in the tank as violence over living nature, because we are picking up marine animals out…

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The population of the pond fish

The presence of fish in the pond is acceptable and desirable to the owners, but is not required, and determining the purity of water. In addition, any interior design or landscape can give a boost to due to the reservoir. For living in the pond need a more hardy breed of fish than the aquarium. There are breeds that are most suitable for pond. At their selection it is necessary to consider following features:

– number of fish determined by the size of your pond the following calculation: for every 0.5 sqm of the pond not more than 2.5 cm of body length of fish. It is recommended to buy fish no longer than 10cm.

– fish are able to produce their own food in the pond, so they must not be overfeed. Feed them in spring and summer. You can safely take a break in feeding to the time of departure on vacation. For feeding one should use food floating on the surface, it remains necessary to remove from the water.

– the main causes of death of fishes are the pond overpopulation, disease, and insects such as larvae of dragonflies, water beetles, grabiak.

– if your pond to make the Alpine slide or even a simple pile of stones or logs and gentle slope to water, even among the inhabitants of your “live area” will be newts, toads, frogs and hedgehogs will be coming to the waterhole.

– part of the dead algae must be removed before they decay.

– small and multiprog during severe cold can be completely peremarket and at this time, all living from it need to remove. In large and deep ponds with its inhabitants will not be killed by frost if the following two conditions: covered pond, the ice must be free surface of water or a hole to discharge to the surface, forming marsh gas. In strong frosts it is advisable to place in special floating pond heaters.

The most common species of pond fish:

Goldfish. Ornamental fish, clearly visible in the water. Its variety-the comet more beautiful because of the large fins. Other exotic varieties, such as veiltail, eurohost too for pond thermophilic conditions. In the length of a goldfish reaches 30 cm.

Shubunkin normal and shubunkin the comet. The form is like a goldfish, and coloring varies from black to white. Has longer fins. Body length up to 25cm. Beautiful and visible in the water a fish.

The Sarasa Comet. Beautiful with white and pink fish, clearly visible in the pond. Length up to 30cm.

Golden Rudd. The most unpretentious fish to pond conditions. Not very noticeable in the pond.

Food for aquarium fish
It is no secret that on the correct feeding of aquarium fish depends on their health, well-being and breeding success. Therefore, you should thoroughly approach the question of choosing food…


The Maritime aquarium at home
The difference between marine aquarium from freshwater counterpart in the unusual used items, decorative designs and the tank contents with salt water. It requires the use of more expensive technologies…

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