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Aquarium gold fish: the symptoms

Aquarium gold fish is a small miracle, caressing eyes. Aquarium goldfish soothe the nerves, to watch them is a pleasure. But watch for goldfish should be regularly and for the purpose of any change in their appearance which may indicate illness. Healthy goldfish, especially the young, show great interest in what is happening around, learn his breadwinner, eat well. If a goldfish is swimming at the bottom and not eating, then something with health at it not okay.

The physical signs of the disease gold fish aquarium: Fuzzy coating Small white spots on the body Bloated body Red gills

Rapid breathing Rotting fins or tail Increase eye Wounds, hemorrhages on the body

The sooner you are seen the signs of illness aquarium fish, the more chances to cure it.

Some goldfish diseases are very contagious, and can affect the other aquarium inhabitants. By capturing the disease early, a goldfish can be saved by applying antibacterial or antifungal drugs, but before moving it to another aquarium.

Disease gold fish aquarium

The oodinium is on the body of the fish has white spots, like flour. Fish are restless,but the appetite is not broken. If the disease is to start early, possibly a complete cure of the drug Sera Oodinopu or in a separate container bitsillinom -5, pre-Sataniv tank.

Saprolegnia — on the body of the fish, tail, fins visible on the white furry coating. In severe stages of perhaps excessive detachment of mucus, the appearance of ulcers on the body. Sick fish can be dipped in 5% salt solution of salt for 5 minutes or treated for 12 hours in a solution of methylene blue. How to prepare a solution: take 1 liter of water 50 mg of methylene blue.

Fin rot – fish torn fins or tail, with whitish edges. Highly contagious bacterial disease that is slowly progressive. It is possible that the aquarium is crowded, the water temperature in the tank is low. Effective the treatment purple Gentianales.

Dropsy (Dropsy) — there is no cure fish does not guarantee that it will survive. The most humane – immediately remove it from the tank, so haven’t caught the other fish, and to end her suffering.

Gill flukes (Gill flukes) is a fatal disease of fish can be cured, if you notice it in time. Helps the drug from JBL Gyrodol.

The causes of diseases goldfish

Improper maintenance, rare water changes

The filter clogging

Overflow aquarium

Overfeeding fish

During treatment aquarium goldfish feed them only quality food.

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