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Eat fish! Diet
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How to build a saltwater aquarium?

If a person is not an aquarist, he can perceive the content of fish in the tank as violence over living nature, because we are picking up marine animals out of their habitat – the seas, oceans, which are their natural habitats. To some extent it is, however, one tries to ennoble the aquarium as best as possible to bring the living conditions of fish to natural conditions, to create an image in the design of the aquarium in the likeness of the house of marine life.

Not every person available will have similar luxury marine aquarium, although it can be different size from the usual small, which is positioned on the table, to huge that can fit even people in the pool. The crux of the problem lies in the complex care for fish.

Regardless of size, in the aquarium must be properly done:

– background;

– water filtration;

– cleaning;

– additives to the water going to the sea;

– lighting;

– a constant flow of water;

– regular full feeding.

Marine aquarium has a large sensitivity to the change of composition of water, so very carefully it is necessary to observe the salinity and temperature. The acid-alkaline balance is always maintained at the same level, the slightest fluctuations lead to seriesdatamember fish.

To create a good seawater artificially, you will need to find several components, through which water composition will be as close to a marine version.

The water parameters that you should navigate:

– the salinity of 1.026;

– calcium 480 ppm;

– pH 8-8.4;

– 1350 dKH magnesium;

phosphate at 0.01 ppm;

– nitrate 2 ppm;

– alkalinity 9 dKH.

For the design of the landscape in the aquarium, use only the live materials: stones, sand, gravel, crushed stone. It’s wise to explore the environment in which we live your future fish in the sea, and natural materials, so the fish will not keep restless when she realizes that she’s not at home.

The temperature regime at the Maritime aquarium stand within a radius of 24-26 degrees. The volume of water space per fish is approximately 25 liters, which once again confirms that the aquarium should be spacious, big enough for the fish to move freely. Small aquariums suitable for 1-3 fish, which will delight the eye of the owner in the home, for offices equip great options where both is from 5 to 15 fish.

The size of the aquarium affects the cost of the equipment, the greater the water volume, the more powerful equipment will be required, able to cleanse, illuminate and provide clean water home sea waterfront.

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