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Perciformes (lat. Perciformes) — a detachment of the class of bony fish. There are over 6000 species and about 150 families. Characteristic features: part fin rays has the form of undifferentiated acute spines, pelvic fins are usually located under the breast and sometimes in front of them; swim bladder not connected with the intestine.

The squad is part of the Perch family (Percidae), with 160 species, many of which have important commercial value. In particular, the Zander (Lucioperca), several species of which live in the basins of the Black and Caspian seas. Some of them live permanently in rivers, others in the seas, others are semi-anadromous fish coming from the rivers into the sea. Perch (Perca) are widely distributed in the rivers and lakes of Russia. Are also objects of the fishery.

The family of Labyrinth fishes (Anabantidae) is a kind of fish, characterized by the presence of saccular outgrowths of the Gill cavities, which are used for temporary breathing air. These fish, such as anabas (Anabas testudineus), often come out to shore and even climb trees. They live in fresh and brackish waters of tropical Africa, Asia and the Islands of the Malay archipelago. Some species, such as gourami, are used as aquarium fish.

The family of Tunas (Scombridae) — marine, mainly tropical fish, naseljima water of the open sea. In Russia there are several species distributed in the Baltic and Black seas. Migrate widely. Important target species (especially in the Black sea) mackerel (Scomber scombrus).

Systematically close to the mackerel tuna (Thunnus). They are common in coastal and open waters of the World ocean on the North coast of Scandinavia and South to the southern tip of Africa and Australia. Some tuna are capable of speeds up to 90 km/h. In this regard, the lateral musculature of their body has an extremely well-developed system of blood vessels that feed the muscles. Tuna is also an important target species.

Bychkova family (Gobiidae) are small, often coastal marine, less often freshwater fish. The characteristic fusion of the ventral fins in the funnel prisasyvatelny. Lifestyle demersal, feed on bottom invertebrates. In some species the males during the breeding season they nest for laying of eggs by females, which they guard. In Russia, distributed mainly in the southern seas and rivers. In the Black, Azov and Caspian seas are the target species.

The Cichlidae family contains a large variety of fish species. Already described about 1,300 species, and with species not yet described total number of species reaches 1900, making it one of the three largest vertebrate families.

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