Dwarf catfish cat catfish and marine pennant
Dwarf catfish-the cat belongs to the group of North American catfishes, known as steers, which differ from congeners rounded tail fin. The fish is slender, brownish-mottled with lighter belly. Anal…

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Sea horse in the aquarium
Before you start seahorses, carefully familiarize yourself with the basic rules of care. Often aquarists are looking for a small ecosystem of some unusual animals. We like to add to…

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Marine aquarium

The aquarium has long been considered not only a stylish decoration but also a useful tool can have a laxative effect. Salon aquariums “Aqua boutique” Petersburg offers a full range of services from installation to decoration aquarium marine aquarium. You

Marine aquarium

Many aquarists spend your vacation at sea. While Snorkelling, they’re watching sea animals that live on sandy soil, in thickets of seaweed or the rocky coast.

How to make an aquarium

When izgotavleniem the size and shape of each defines itself. In any case, careful execution of work and exact observance of instructions. Together to work easier.

Device for aeration of water

The animals in the aquarium when removed from the water breathing oxygen and expelling carbon dioxide. So water must constantly enter new oxygen, and carbon dioxide removed from it. This exchange occurs mainly on the surface of the water.

The location of the plant in the aquarium

The arrangement of plants in the aquarium is not a simple matter. In this article, all painted in detail.

The site presents materials on the aquarium for fish transfer

Fish for a long time entered into living life. Try to make your aquarium for fish.

The website presents reviews on the subject of aquarium translate

Fish thoroughly entrenched in your environment. Think how to make your marine aquarium fish.

On the blog remarkable stories about aquarium fish to translate

Aquarium fish thoroughly entrenched in the live environment. Think about how to make your marine aquarium fish.

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Aquariums became a part of our life. Aquarium fish will inspire people to be creative. A saltwater aquarium is hard to contain but many times increases the pleasure of contemplation marine aquarium fish.