Marine aquarium for beginners

You can create a fabulous world of warm tropical seas with amazing color, shape, behavior of exotic animals and fish.

Most lovers of the underwater world home with the fear of men looking at the establishment of a marine aquarium. They are frightened not only the financial side but also many obscure points.

To create a saltwater aquarium any aquarium factory manufacturing. The market offers a large selection of aquariums from leading Russian, European and Asian manufacturers. The only difference is in the configuration of some of the aquariums lighting and filter elements.

Choosing an aquarium is an individual matter. Does not matter, what shape, what capacity and what kind of glass your tank will be, but there is one mandatory rule: the frame should be metal and have a reactive putties. Sea water is an aggressive alkaline environment. It must not contact the metal parts all over through the filtration systems.

Let’s say you chose a small 100-gallon tank. However trouble with such a “babe” more than a great. But the hassle can be minimized if you follow the basic rule is to regularly change the water. In the substitution-quarters of the volume of a marine aquarium once every two weeks you not only vivacities aquarium of accumulated toxins, but also replenishes it with essential micronutrients.

In this case, you do not need expensive equipment for recycling of saline water (intdelay, denitrator, etc.). All the equipment of such a mini marine aquarium can be reduced to a good external biological filter.

To prepare sea water, necessary for regular substitution, you will need a synthetic osmotic salt and water.

What is the synthetic salt? It is a white powder consisting of pure chemical reagents, dilution in water by exactly simulating the composition of sea water. It contains all the necessary salts and trace elements.

The second essential component of the osmotic water. Is tap water which has passed through the membrane filter cleaning by reverse osmosis and having zero values on the content of impurities. Simply put, it is the distillate.

When breeding in thirty liters of distilled water one kilogram of synthetic salt you get a ready-made sea water, which can put a marine fish.

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