About fish
Our planet is inhabited by almost 20 thousand species of fish. About 1/10 of them are commercial. They give people a lot of valuable products: food, medicines, fertilizers for the…

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Sharks: The story of a bookplate
Ten years ago, on the island of Sipadan in Malaysia, I took a picture of my first shark. It was almost certainly a shark-Zebra, Stegostoma fasciatum. The current was carrying…

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Fishing in Ukraine: Transcarpathia Large catfish are caught on spinning.

A fisherman from Transcarpathia (Ukraine) during sports! fishing on the Tisza river caught a big catfish – fish draped 52 kg, and its growth reached 2.10 m About the secrets of fishing gear for catfish and how to catch a record catch, read on.

Yuri balázs, a resident of Pyiterfolvo (Vinogradovsky district, Transcarpathian region, Ukraine), went fishing on the Tisza river in the neighboring village of Forks. The place of fishing, he chose a road bridge – not in vain, as it turned out. Yuri has long been hunted for its record-breaking catch, so the question “Where fishing?” was rhetorical.

“Under the bridge over the river washed a few pits with depths ranging from three to ten meters, and there are catfish, – said the fisherman. – This fish has twice recently caught my hook on this fish, but each time frustrated because I threw from the bridge”.

Usually fishing was conducted from shore, but this time Yuri decided to change tactics and went on the fishing boat. Among the gear for catfish have chosen a spinning rod and Wobbler. According to some fisherman fishing-rod was worth more than 150 thousand Hungarian torrentov (about 900.e.).

“I threw my lure with multiple hooks to catch fish on spinning, and my biggest catfish this work,” shared the secret of luck Yuri balázs.

Catfish the fight lasted about 1 hour. To get a record catch ashore fortunate fisherman helped two fellow villager.

This time fishing for catfish fisherman brought a record of success. The size of the fish are impressive, weight 52 kg, length – 207 inches. According to local old-timers, such a large catfish caught fishermen in the river Tisza years 30 – 40 back, but only in fishing nets. The bait of such soms have not been caught. After a few photos catfish caught were released back into the Tisza.

“Catfish is a large, old and too fat, so eating is not suitable. I do not become greedy, let him live in the pleasure”, – explained the action in the style of Catch and Release Yuri.

Adriatic sea: the sharks, but not many
In the Adriatic sea is inhabited by sharks, however, some time ago, experts began to literally sound the alarm that they had disappeared. What sharks live here However, in the…


Films about sharks – predators of the deep sea
More and more viewers started to watch horror movies. What is it? The fear of uncertainty, a world of knowledge or just to tickle nerves. Maybe all three. Special attention…

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