Aquarium gold fish: the symptoms
Aquarium gold fish is a small miracle, caressing eyes. Aquarium goldfish soothe the nerves, to watch them is a pleasure. But watch for goldfish should be regularly and for the…

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Adriatic sea: the sharks, but not many
In the Adriatic sea is inhabited by sharks, however, some time ago, experts began to literally sound the alarm that they had disappeared. What sharks live here However, in the…

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The Maritime aquarium at home

The difference between marine aquarium from freshwater counterpart in the unusual used items, decorative designs and the tank contents with salt water. It requires the use of more expensive technologies and consumables, and care for marine fish is different from the techniques used in the cultivation of freshwater fish.

If you do not have sufficient knowledge and want to try your hand at a new hobby, then buy an aquarium for small fish is the most affordable and simple type of home decoration, make the room individuality and originality. A reef tank takes the opposite position – this is the most luxurious and time-consuming design, requires constant monitoring, studying Biosystems. In such aquariums it is customary to settle invertebrates, live corals, and large fish then act as predators (eating other inhabitants, and heavily pollute the water).

If you like watching life of predators, populate your aquarium large fish and place it in an appropriate style. There are mixed types of marine aquariums, in which in one area can be accommodated representatives of several subspecies.

Choosing the type of saltwater aquarium, please refer to the free space – reef models require more space than containers with small inhabitants. Mini-aquariums are attractive because of their compactness and price, but these systems are short-lived and you don’t soutenabilite there more than two or three fish and a couple clams.

The versatility of the marine aquarium, as part of interior, amazing – it can “fit” in the classical or avant-garde style. it will be a highlight of the home in the style of hi-tech or ethnic. It is important to maintain cleanliness of pool, equipment operation, health of the inhabitants of Biosystems, etc. to better Position the aquarium at eye level, with the elements and paint should not be too bright, unless your goal is the awakening of the imagination. And then the contemplation of life of the inhabitants of the deep sea will improve health, lift your mood, relieve stress and depression, to charge with positive energy.