Fishing in Ukraine: Transcarpathia Large catfish are caught on spinning.
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Red-tail catfish, or Phractocephalus

Practieal, or redtail catfish is a beautiful fish, but very large and predatory. In order to contain such a catfish, you should have an aquarium of at least 500 liters. The growth of the red-tail catfish is not limited to displacement, it will still increase for the year not less than half a meter, and further more will add 30-40 centimeters.

Compatibility with other fish

Red tail catfish is an active predator, and since a very young age systematically destroys all the neighbors on the aquarium that fits in its vast mouth. And he does it not by his vampirism, but simply because he likes to eat. For this reason, phractocephalus contain singly, or with very large fish. Often neighbors in the aquarium become pseudoplatystoma. astronotus. arowana .

What to feed a red tail catfish

Red tail catfish feeding aquarium animal food and it is hard to say what food they don’t like. When catfish are small and sell to their size 6-8 cm and feed them bloodworms, beef heart, squid, shrimp, fillet of sea fish (all finely chopped). As you grow in the diet administered also small living fish, chicken heart, liver (without cutting). Love phractocephalus raw capelin, it can be cut into pieces with bones.

Seeing cheloveka aquarium, catfish close to the sight glass, anticipating a hearty meal. Phractocephalus easily tamed and eventually give a pet and take food from his hand.

Red tail catfish: the content

The water temperature for keeping this catfish must be within +22-+26℃, the hardness of 4-12°, pH 5.5-7. Required filtration, aeration and weekly water change 20-30% of the volume.

To make aquarium decorations need very carefully, they must be firmly secured, as soma is due to their huge size can accidentally knock them over and break the glass.

at a young wahrste catfish does not look so intimidating

Red tail catfish is very fond of all sorts of cover, but if at a young age he can easily get into any cave, a large adult specimens have simply “recline” for any log.

At home, the breeding of phractocephalus impossible, all commercially available catfish are imported to Russia from Asian hatchery. Sexual maturity, they reach one and a half years.

Some fans are trying to keep these catfish in a homemade pond. This fish is not the pond, it does not tolerate low night temperatures.

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