The fauna of the Mariana trench
Modern humanity has only explored 5% of the ocean floor, so it is hard to imagine what mysteries he can store. What's going on there, no sunlight; which the inhabitants…

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Eat fish! Diet
Experts came up with the name "anadromous" fish for sturgeon, sterlet, stellate sturgeon, Beluga and salmon, on the basis that the they they live in the ocean but spawn in…

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Fishing for catfish with samovodskata.

I have to go to village on fishing. There is forest, river, meadows, the air, everything, even the water is different and this can be noticed only by local residents. And I’m coming back for a couple of weeks can’t breathe and admire this beauty.

Som 4.5 kg on a Donk

So here I go I there years 20 – 25, and that in the river there are catfish, learned years 3 – 4 years ago, when the nephew brought two fishing catfish 0.5 kg each. Catfish fishing is the pinnacle of the hierarchy (I still think)! The meat is very tasty and, though fat, but dietary and easily digestible. The next night I volunteered with the youth to catch catfish . We walked down to the place where the river made a sharp turn and the water washed away the shore. Depth was decent, despite the strong current. But the current was such that polukilogrammovye throwing the hammer head on the end of the donkey, across river – bottom it reached when the line ran almost parallel to the shore.

All of my Lodge and the detectors were useless because the course is constantly pulled, it released the line. In these conditions the only applicable indicator was a bell – he’s been good about the flow, but the bite was immediately answered by the ringing. Although I now think we and a tenth of poliochne notice, as excavated donkey always had empty hooks. I must say that a night at the river we very cold despite the month of August, and caught nothing. But in my mind the pain lingers the thought: “there is som, and I’m still none caught! Will catch”. The next year I went to the village with several coils of fishing lines with a diameter of 0.6 to 0.8 1.5, and 2.0 mm. Were prepared by appropriate hooks and tees, and in reserve there is a “secret weapon” – 5 meters powered material of high strength with steel wire inside. On the first fishing trip I was again met with failure when the catfish bite easily broke the line with a diameter of 0.8 millimeters, but for me, this lesson was not in vain. Looking at his fishing backpack a thicker line, in one of the branches of the “bermudskogo triangle” (I’m talking about my backpack), I saw a fat model aircraft tires from previous fishing trips, and then it dawned on me – why not make soma samovodskata? Solved! On the following day. As the main fishing line fishing line is taken with a diameter of 2 mm, and as a leash – powered material steel from nine veins in a plastic shell.