Mediterranean sea

The longest is the Mediterranean coast, anciently prityagivaet and the favorable strategic location, rich marine resources and a mild climate.

Currently there are wonderful beaches with Golden sand and gently sloping approaches to the water, with emerald-green water, with great waves for Windsurfing and with a developed infrastructure.

Mediterranean resorts – sheer bliss under the warm rays of the sun almost all year round. The rich historical heritage and culture of the Middle East appeared on the coast of a huge number of monuments – traces of many Nations.

Mediterranean resorts are extremely popular and in demand. Israel is bordered by the Mediterranean sea to the West. Coast, belonging to the country, stretches, in total, somewhere in the 240 kilometers.

The main Israeli Mediterranean resorts – tel Aviv. Netanya and Herzliya .

Fine Golden sand, hotels for all tastes and wallets, ranging from luxurious to budget, excellent service, the combined simplicity and kindness are the main benefits of resorts.

Well, the sea itself is simply unmatched. Algae, barnacles, small crustaceans and crabs…. And the water is emerald green, sometimes blue with iridescent and white horses of foam….

Sometimes the banks can frolicking dolphins. Often the sea breeze whip to a very poisonous jellyfish. To swim during the influx of jellyfish is very dangerous: their burns can lead to death. And in recent years they are becoming more and more. Many scientists attribute this to the fact that artificially constructed the Suez canal allowed the jellyfish and other inhabitants of the Indian ocean to penetrate into the Mediterranean sea. Here in the summer just off the coast and appear jellyfish-guests, while the old resident swim to the coast in winter. And the main damage to the jellyfish – is not a threat to swimmers people, and the destruction of the ecosystems of the sea. After all, they eat fish, plankton, shrimp and those deprived of food for other marine life.

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