Sharks in Turkey
Turkish beaches are some of the most popular holiday destinations among Russians. However, in recent years several rumors about the shark attack in Turkey scare potential tourists, get them thinking…

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Numerous varieties of goldfish are the most common home-cooked fish. This is due to their easy adaptability, thanks to which they can live in the aquarium and garden pond. All…

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Fish Of The Volga

Diversity of fauna, in particular fish, the Volga is considered one of richest rivers. In its pool there are 76 species of fish and 47 subspecies.

The Volga River

The Volga is the largest river in Europe, its length is 3531 km, and the Origins of the river are in the South-West of the Valdai hills, Tver oblast. The river Delta consists of a large number of ducts, Islands, which often are overgrown with reed and cattail. Volga belongs to relatively deep waters. In the upper reaches of the Volga river is a small river with low-lying marshy shores. In the river is very well developed aquatic vegetation, with the exception of some places. Volga has a sandy, silty-sandy and silty soils, in the shallows of the river the soils are gravelly or pebbly.

Fish world of the Volga

The fish living in the river Delta, are very different from each other in size and way of life. The smallest fish of the Volga – grained goby length of 2.5 cm and resembling in appearance a tadpole. The biggest fish of the Volga – the Beluga, the length of which reaches up to 4 m. Numerous run-of-river reservoirs of the Delta of the river are some fish migration routes to the spawning grounds, and other places of spawning and wintering. Migration route for spawning the vast majority of fish is blocked by the Volgograd hydroelectric plant.Stopped them, or spawn of fish on the spawning grounds, which are preserved downstream, or return to the sea, and not Vymetal the eggs and milt. Come into the Volga from the Caspian sea following fish: Beluga, sturgeon, lamprey, sturgeon, inconnu, herring passage.

Fish that live permanently in the river – carp, bream, sterlet, pikeperch, pike, catfish, burbot, perch, ruff, Chub.

Carp prefers to live in quiet, calm waters, in the Volga, he adheres to the bays with quiet stream, overgrown with vegetation.

Beluga is the legendary fish of the Caspian basin. She lives to be 100 years old, and its mass can reach up to 1.5 tons. Red fish – the pride of the Astrakhan region. In these lands dwell the following types of sturgeon – Russian sturgeon, sterlet, stellate and spike. They are all passing marine fish, except for the freshwater sterlet. Fish farms also bred hybrids of Beluga and sterlet Bester. Herring fish are also represented in the Volga Caspian pozemkom, sprat, chernopiskii and Volga herring. Karpov to the fish that inhabit the lower reaches of the Volga river include carp, bream, roach, Rudd, Golden and silver crucians, silver bream, Chub, gudgeon, white and motley silver carps.

The common river perch, ruff, pike-perch and Volga pikeperch perch are the fish in the Volga. In lentic freshwater bodies low depth of the lower reaches of the Volga often the only representative of the order of krushovene – fish South stickleback.

Catfish marinated sauce Wasabi
Fish, catfish rice Vinegar - black rice Vinegar - red Oil - sesame Oil - olive Sauce - sweet soy Sauce - Worcestershire Sauce - pomegranate Paste - Wasabi Mayonnaise…


Goldfish Comet
Comet fish are great for aquariums, shallow ponds and suburban ponds more. Comet fish of the carp family, refers to a type of goldfish. Tramacua, Coldwater. omnivorous, peaceful schooling fish.…

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