Eat fish! Diet

Experts came up with the name “anadromous” fish for sturgeon, sterlet, stellate sturgeon, Beluga and salmon, on the basis that the they they live in the ocean but spawn in rivers. But the title “gourmet” fits them much more. These fish are extremely tasty.

Prepare them in different ways, but it is best to bake or roast with spices. They are a little capricious: after 2 – 3 hours fresh fish begins to deteriorate. Even after strong cooling, it is stored for long.

Salmon is rich in vitamin a and protein. It can be baked in a grill, fry, make lotossa mousses, pies and delicious carpaccio.

Sturgeon recommended by nutritionists for people with cardiovascular diseases and diseases of the nervous system. Stellate sturgeon and Beluga – those who have problems with digestion.

Oceanic and sea fish is more useful than river, in the sea there are bromine and iodine, of which river fish is not. It is these elements that give a marine fish a specific flavor and taste, which in principle is easy to beat off, sprinkle with lemon juice carcass of fish or trap for 5 to 10 minutes fillet in salted water.

Cod is a very popular marine fish. From the liver of this fish get fish oil. In tresques contains sufficient protein, selenium, sodium, potassium, vitamin B12. Cod is low in fat (3%) and is fitsfor diet. Cod cooked very tasty meatballs – spices only enhance the taste of it a little fresh meat. Most of the “fish sticks”, by the way, produce is also from cod.

Haddock is the closest relative of the cod. It Europeans prefer to smoke. But after this treatment, vitamins and minerals in a few days.

The sole is one of the highest levels in the fishing hierarchy. He has exquisite taste and tender meat without bones. Of fat in this fish is small, only 1 – 2%.

Dorado can also be called the darling of fortune. The most expensive, “Royal”, with tender meat and silvery scales, served in expensive restaurants. “Cheap”, so-called gray Dorada, regale visitors to the schools easier. Dorada is rich in phosphorus and magnesium, and the fat content in it barely exceeds 5%.

Among marine fish common and poisonous. Some species do not have, others can, but with caution. For example, the puffer fish . you love the Japanese. From the ovaries of this fish, scientists have identified tetrodoxin – a substance which in small doses acts as a pain reliever. Chefs, to be eligible to prepare fugu must obtain more than one license.

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