How to make the right choice of fish?

So, before buying fish in pet stores or Bird markets – read carefully recommendations for choosing healthy and lovely Pets. A healthy pet should have clear and clean eyes eyes quietly and breathe evenly. If you notice convulsive or rapid breathing – better do not buy such fish long she will live. Deserves attention and the condition of the fins – they should be no muddy streaks, very transparent and should have smooth edges untwisted. All scales must be in place, and the scales should adhere tightly to the body of the fish.

Before buying aquarium Pets, should be aware of the nature of the fish you want to breed at home. It happens that some of the signs of the disease may not notice even aquarists with lots of experience. In this case you can apply will be quarantined. Quarantine is when you bought the fish put into a separate aquarium that is empty and not furnished, i.e. it should be neither soil nor plants. Allowed to leave a few stones on the bottom. The water temperature must be such as I had enjoyed the fish, of course you should check with the seller for her usual water temperature for the content. Monoselenide aquarium while mastering fish the new location. In this kind of quarantine fish can last from one week to one month, depending on the situation. Sometimes it happens that required a longer period of quarantine.

Such period of quarantine will allow her new owner to ensure her good health. Quarantine has two objectives – identification of health disorders in fish and the opportunity to settle into new home with minimal stress. If the fish does not eat, she squeezed the fins (and tail and dorsal) protruding gills that are dark red, all the while trying to RUB sideways on the rocks – all this testifies to the fact that at the moment, it’s all right. Also in the new environment a new inhabitant of the aquarium can not meet with open arms. Fish will have to prove to their new roommates that will not allow itself to insult. If the fish will not be able to stand up for themselves is fraught with what she can the inhabitants of the aquarium (even a small shellfish) to make a real persecution… It’s all fraught with serious nervous disorders in fish.

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