Sharks in Turkey

Turkish beaches are some of the most popular holiday destinations among Russians. However, in recent years several rumors about the shark attack in Turkey scare potential tourists, get them thinking and even refuse vacation in this beautiful country. Who wants to check the presence of these dangerous sea inhabitants in their own skin and their lives? But if you are not shy and want to spend a holiday there, to find out some information do not interfere. We will talk about whether there are sharks in Turkey and as to exclude the possibility of meeting them.

There are sharks in Turkey?

In fact, in marine waters adjacent to the coast of this hospitable country, really are a bloodthirsty predator. Quite another matter, where there are sharks in Turkey. The fact that these fish prefer the silence of the deep sea, near the beach with the tourists never happens. So to meet sharks off the coast of Turkey is an extreme rarity. In addition, in the waters of this country Cougars do not live year-round, but only periodically migrate in search of food, and not people.

If we talk about what sharks are found in Turkey, specifically in waters adjacent to its territory, it should list the following: this sand sharks, tiger sharks, bleakely, reef sharks, hammerhead sharks, silky sharks, etc. the Most dangerous species great white sharks are resident in the Mediterranean sea. But to the coast they come very rarely and even more rarely attack people. Off the coast of Turkey there is no coral reef habitats of a large number of fish, and, of course, they are not attractive to hazardous marine inmates.

Sand sharks inhabiting waters of the Aegean sea, and also pose no danger to people. They make raids upon the shoals of herring, Menhaden, flounder and Lupara, and therefore systematically dropped in the Bay of Bondzhuk in the district of Gokova. By the way, there is now a nature reserve where breeding sand sharks. The popular beaches of Marmaris and Bodrum remains safe.

However, camping on the beaches of the Mediterranean sea who prefer to sail far from the shore, it is recommended to stay near the land. The fact that the marine sea bottom sharply goes to a depth, and therefore the greatest risk to meet the bloodthirsty fish are there.

Besides from the sharks in Turkey many of the beaches are protected by special nets that prevent dangerous to the fish to get closer to the places of man.

So all in all, Turkey is a fairly safe place for tourists, unlike Egypt. where there have been several attacks on tourists.

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