The fauna of the Mariana trench
Modern humanity has only explored 5% of the ocean floor, so it is hard to imagine what mysteries he can store. What's going on there, no sunlight; which the inhabitants…

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Wholesale fish in Kazakhstan
Perciformes (lat. Perciformes) — a detachment of the class of bony fish. There are over 6000 species and about 150 families. Characteristic features: part fin rays has the form of…

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Free games about fish

The owners of the seas and oceans, rivers and lakes, and all water resources of our planet – fish. Due to the fact that they have Zebra, they can breathe oxygen that is dissolved in water. Fish are cold-blooded animals with simple nervous and circulatory system. They all organs and body structure adapted for life in water. They say that fish are dumb and can’t talk, but this is a misconception. Fish still emit very weak sounds. In the course of evolution more and more advanced above-ground animals went from the fish. Fish went from amphibians, which later evolved reptiles, and then mammals. Fish occupy an important trophic value in the water. They feed on small insects and other worms, and fish in turn feed on other higher animals. In the seas and oceans fish often move in large shoals which can be several thousands.

In the last century greatly increased fisheries and oceans and seas disappeared many species of fish. But they are able to quickly recover their population if they don’t catch. Fish are very useful because they contain many rare micro and macro elements. Everybody knows that fish is a source of phosphorus, which is so helpful for our brain. Fish also play a big role in the film and other works of art. So, a lot of fantastic films are connected with the fish. But, remember even the movie `Piranha`, where shoals of predatory fish attack beach goers and literally ate them. In addition, the shark, which also belong to Pisces, are found in almost every film where there are some scenes in the ocean.

Due to the fish there is a kind of recreation like fishing. What Russian people do not like to take fishing poles and go out with friends on a fishing trip. It’s a great pastime during which you can still catch fish, which is so useful for the human body.

Fish are very interesting animals that can be and there are many movies and cartoons. Also they have taken a worthy place in the online games. In games with fish You have the opportunity to be in their world. It’s a game where You will need to feed the fish, catch fish, study them, to attend the various battles between fish. There are cooking games which is actively used by fish. You can quickly learn a lot of interesting recipes for cooking fish. Fish are very smart animals who are pleasant to participate in different adventures and in these online games, You can in this fully satisfied. All the games that are presented in this genre is somehow associated with these underwater animals.

How to make the right choice of fish?
So, before buying fish in pet stores or Bird markets – read carefully recommendations for choosing healthy and lovely Pets. A healthy pet should have clear and clean eyes eyes…


About fish
Our planet is inhabited by almost 20 thousand species of fish. About 1/10 of them are commercial. They give people a lot of valuable products: food, medicines, fertilizers for the…

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