How to cook fish

Fish can be boiled, simmered, fried, steamed and baked. Usually cook cod, halibut, flounder, perch, carp, trout, salmon, sturgeon, carp, carp, hake, etc.

Not to add salt to raw fish before cooking, as this will impair the taste of the fish.

To prepare appetizers and main dishes of fish pour hot water at the rate of 2 liters per 1 kg of fish. Medium-sized fish, usually cooked whole and cut into large portions.

The less water taken for cooking fish, the better it tastes. Excess water and rapid boiling degrade the taste of the fish.

Fish sturgeons, catfish and also better to cook large pieces and slice immediately before serving.

Boiling sturgeon, don’t put so much spices, as these fish have a pleasant smell and delicate taste.

Fish do not digest – it will become hard, tasteless.

Whole fish simmer and put in the warm water. If you put her in hot water, the skin may burst. Sliced fish immerse in hot water. Small fish thrown into the boiling water.

Boiled fish is ready when its fins are easily separated from the pulp.

Fresh fish cooked in vegetable broth, uncovered.

To fish in the broth to give a colour, add to the water when cooking saffron or onion peels.

The liquid in which cooked fish should not silnicemi.

When cooking fish with a delicate flavor into the water add the onions and white roots. If the fish has a specific smell, in water add carrot, onion, pepper and Bay leaf. If you cook a fish with a pungent smell (bream, catfish, silver carp, carp, etc.), add a cucumber pickle, which will soften the taste and reduce unpleasant odor.

Poached fish before serving to the table stored in the hot broth, but not more than 30 min.

To boiled fish to stay juicy, it should be kept under cover in a small amount of liquid, in which it was cooked.

When cooking pike taking more of spices, to destroy oozy smell.

If the fish stock is supposed to be used for sauces, snacks, water, almost no salt.

To fish broth was clear, strain it through a double layer of cheesecloth or towel dampened in hot water. To lighten the soup can of whipped egg white.

Boiled fish will have a pleasant taste, if you cook it in cucumber brine.

The fish welded on pair, tastier, than welded in water as it retains more nutrients.