Sharks: The story of a bookplate
Ten years ago, on the island of Sipadan in Malaysia, I took a picture of my first shark. It was almost certainly a shark-Zebra, Stegostoma fasciatum. The current was carrying…

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10 facts about the Black sea
In honor of the coming of the pores of the holidays we offer to your attention a selection of interesting facts about the Black sea. The first mention of the…

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Goldfish Comet

Comet fish are great for aquariums, shallow ponds and suburban ponds more.

Comet fish of the carp family, refers to a type of goldfish. Tramacua, Coldwater. omnivorous, peaceful schooling fish. The dimensions of the comet are dependent on the size of the reservoir. Comets need a lot of space, is a very mobile fish, is able at short distances to develop greater speed. The comet is very hardy and unpretentious breed. which is very popular in garden ponds. Besides, comets all the time kept in the upper layers of the pond, this allows you to constantly watch them and enjoy their mobility. Very bright fish have different color coloring, absolutely harmless to aquatic plants. Orange, Golden patterns covering the scales and make clearly visible in the water.

Quickly get used to feeding from his hands, unpretentious, easily tolerate sudden changes in temperature,tolerate the winter in the pond, a depth of not less than one meter.

Spawning comets spring, April – may spawn intermittently, laying eggs on plants in shallow waters. Very active starts early morning and lasts till 7 am. Two or three males chase away the female that lays a portion of eggs and the males immediately fertilize it. After spawning the adult fish neobhodimosti in another water body, otherwise they eat all the eggs, which is very attractive. Comet fry grow quickly and within three months have the appearance of an adult fish about six inches long.

Feed the fish preferably twice, morning and evening. The amount of feed should be such that in ten minutes he was seden. Good to combine live food (or frozen) dry. In the summer, do not feed.

Transportation of fish

When purchasing and transporting fish will be Packed in a special transportation package fueled by oxygen. So it can be held up to 48 hours in a cool (7-10 °C) and dark place. To open the bag with the fish pond is absolutely impossible to release into the pond and store it in the sun! After the transportation of fish will have a pale color, which normalized within an hour. Fish can easily tolerate transportation.

IMPORTANT! After transportation, the fish must be put into the pond in the package and wait until the temperature in the pond and in the package with the fish slowly equalized, wait 20-30 minutes. Then add water from the pond in the package, the fish is ready for release in your pond!

Example packing, storage and transportation of fish.

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