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Adriatic sea: the sharks, but not many

In the Adriatic sea is inhabited by sharks, however, some time ago, experts began to literally sound the alarm that they had disappeared.

What sharks live here

However, in the Adriatic can still see the dwarf, spiny or blue shark, the so-called sea Fox. In the depths of the sea dwells Barhatnaya glowing shark. Very rarely, but still you can see the giant shark. Since the Adriatic sea is part of Mediterranean and in the Mediterranean, sharks are found, it is logical that they swim to and fro.

Most predatory inhabitants of the deep sea met in the North. This is evidenced by the story of Austrian Gunther Rata. He has been diving. During one of the dives Gunther with his friend for seven minutes, was very close to the animal, after which the shark swam away, and the diver left the photos on the memory, confirming that in the Adriatic sea sharks really are.

However, this encounter with the shark, rather by accident. For example, Slovenian diver white shark in the North Adriatic in October 2008 had bit his leg. While spearfishing sharks five meters long attacked the athlete. The man saved the gun. He shot the animal and it disappeared into the depths of the water. The victim was brought to the hospital in order to assist nemedlenno.

When the shark was spotted off the coast of Montenegro, has closed some beaches. But not for long: experts stated that you can swim. After all, the shark in the sea is like a bear in the woods.

Dangerous sharks in the Adriatic?

So, in the Adriatic sea sharks swim so often. If they are tourists or divers, it is sporadic. In confirmation of this assertion can lead to interesting statistics. According to statistics, the risk to die because of deer – 450 times higher than being eaten by a shark, dog attacks – 45, from snake bites – in 37,5 times and so on.

It is worth noting that in the Adriatic over the past century, shark attacks with lethal outcome were registered only twice. Predators attacked people about 60 times, but, as practice shows, all these situations were provoked by people.

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