Red-tail catfish, or Phractocephalus
Practieal, or redtail catfish is a beautiful fish, but very large and predatory. In order to contain such a catfish, you should have an aquarium of at least 500 liters.…

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Salad "Fish in the pond"
Delicious, delicate and light salad "Fish in the pond" will decorate any holiday table, especially served in honor of the first spring holiday — 8 March. It would seem that…

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The construction of the reservoir in the country

Water is the source of life on Earth. This expression applies to the whole planet, and to small areas. Life in the city impossible to imagine without a visit to the river, lake or pond. But on the site I want to have a pond. Modern technologies, such as pumps for wells or drainage, even in a small area to make a pond, pool or small waterfall.

The easiest type of pond is suitable for garden decoration. It can build landscapers who at the same time adorn a makeshift pond with suitable plants, small architectural forms, for example, a bridge with a small watermill. But the pond is intended for fish, needs to be deeper and it is more difficult, so have other design professionals.

Pond fish

First of all, intelligence is a geodesic, and if it gave positive results, we can proceed to trench. Then have to choose the material from which made the garden pond. Now the preference is given the so-called liquid rubber, as traditionally used for this purpose, the plastic is too brittle. Rubber tank is less susceptible to mechanical stress and to take any form, apart from the fact this material is durable.

Tank for pond

Productlicense from a simple garden pond with its size and complexity. Properly installed artificial pond is a real ecosystem, with algae, fishes, amphibians.

The pond ecosystem

Thanks to the latest materials from the pond can have any shape and depth, but it is desirable that the depth was not less than 60-70 cm is more Difficult and caring for a pond. The water in it needs to be cleaned or it will bloom and turn blossom in a swamp. For these purposes, are numerous filters and sterilizers. However, the opportunities to execute in the pond more. So, you can surprise neighbors with an artificial waterfall. However, if the equipment, for example, circulation pump Grundfos. camouflage with rocks and plants, it looks quite natural. Another unusual experiment — a fountain near her house. Let it not be a cascade of several levels, but its decorative function it will perform great.

Fountain in the artificial pond

Artificial pond near her house is not just decoration but also a useful device for irrigation, safe bathing for children, as well as a great place for relaxing in hot weather. Moreover, private pond at the cottage is no longer a luxury, but one of the services offered by the company on landscape design.

Mediterranean sea
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Aquarium gold fish: the symptoms
Aquarium gold fish is a small miracle, caressing eyes. Aquarium goldfish soothe the nerves, to watch them is a pleasure. But watch for goldfish should be regularly and for the…

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