The most fish
The biggest fish Shark ; the world's largest fish is the whale shark (Rhincodon typus) feeding on plankton and widespread in southern parts of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans.…

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The construction of the reservoir in the country
Water is the source of life on Earth. This expression applies to the whole planet, and to small areas. Life in the city impossible to imagine without a visit to…

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The fauna of the Mariana trench

Modern humanity has only explored 5% of the ocean floor, so it is hard to imagine what mysteries he can store. What’s going on there, no sunlight; which the inhabitants live at a depth greater than we can imagine – the issues, the solutions for which they fought and beat the greatest minds of our time. One of the most interesting places, the fauna of which very little is known is the Mariana trench – the deepest known places in the world.

The inhabitants of the Mariana trench

With each dive to the bottom of the Mariana trench. mankind has received new knowledge about how changing climatic (pressure, temperature) conditions, depending on the depth, affect the living beings living in the ocean. So, the pressure with each meter below the sea level increases by a few units, and therefore it is easy to imagine how pressure can be observed at the bottom of the trench. It would be logical to assume that at the very bottom is not inhabited by any living creatures, however, with the last dive, the people saw that at the bottom live at least clams that added a number of questions about the structure of the animal world.

However, the most mysterious and impressive things for the common man are not at the bottom and start there, where sunlight does not reach. Therefore the inhabitants of the Mariana trench, deprived of the possibility to perceive the light of the sun, believingin in the process of evolution to get organic mechanisms whose primary purpose was producing its own color.

Here’s an example of a jellyfish Buntokuden

Here is another interesting creature, like a pokemon called Grimpoteuthis

Fish of the Mariana trench

The fauna of the Mariana trench is quite diverse and Malyshkina. Still, there are legends that live at a depth huge 100-ton shark with a length of over 25 meters and the size of the mouth diameter is 2 meters. Periodically, scientists find bones, massive teeth, which indicate that these places were once inhabited by huge prehistoric shark (live or still).

Fish of the Mariana trench is a unique creation that is vastly different from the many marine creatures that we are used to seeing.