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Golden Orff

The origin Orfe (Leuciscus what year was your last var. Orphus)

Orff or Orff gold – not often seen fish that descended from the common IDE. Has the original pale Golden color, so in some sources is called the Golden Orfe. According to many researchers of antiquity, Orff (IDE) and not a decorative carp and goldfish were called in ancient times “Golden fish”. Oham have magic healing miraculous power, by their behavior trying to tell fortunes.

Appearance and lifestyle orfy

Since Orff is a derived form of IDE, and the structure of the body it is almost exactly the same: Dinah is elongated, somewhat compressed laterally. Mouth oblique, lips and powerful jaws are well developed. The fish are hardy and strong, perfectly adapts to different temperature regimes. Prefer over, but in stagnant water feels great. Based mainly at the water surface, what attracts the attention of the owners of the ponds. It feeds mainly on plant food, small crustaceans and insect faces. Under favorable conditions, it grows in ponds up to 50 cm in length.

The content Orfe in the pond

Orff is a schooling fish, so its better to purchase in quantities of 6 to 8 instances. Feels good in the pond with artificially organized, even if very small movement of water. Survival orfy rustic home pond prevoshoditel the carp. Because this fish is lively and loving “run”, it would require a pond area of at least 4 m2. For orfy important very crucial factor is the presence of aquatic vegetation, because the fish find food in it, and spawn it in last year’s undergrowth. An attractive sight is the search orgami fallen on the water surface insects. The soil in the pond can be tough. Orfy not buried in the mud, do not raise the turbidity. Most of the time at the surface of the water. Tolerate the winter if there wintering holes with a depth of about 2 m and regular pronubana ice above the wintering area.

Reproduction orfy

Breeding of this fish in ponds requires a good oxygen regime, clean water and, preferably, the presence of some currents. Orff spawns in the second half of April. The water temperature in this period usually reaches 8 – 10 gr. S. ROE vymatyvayutsya at last year’s tufts of grass near the shore and at a depth of about 30 cm Clumps of eggs stuck to the grass. Larvae hatch on average 10 days. Orfe fingerlings reach a weight of 25 g, and in the second year of life up to 200 gr.

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