Fishing in the Red sea

Probably everyone dreams of fishing at the sea. And my dream came true! Broke week: if you don’t catch, then at least to admire the underwater world of the red sea.

Flew on 11 February in the afternoon. And were disappointed by the African cold and wind to boot. Not the season. Well that a bit of tourists. And everyone in the hotel were Russian.

Next day started with the exploration of adjacent water territories. And Yes the weather has improved. Warmer to +23, and the water temperature was +20, and that’s the coldest water in Hurghada.

Spinning the telescope had brought with him, took a pack of twisters unknown brand, fins, mask, snorkel – and to the bridge, located on the territory of our hotel and the outgoing of hundred metres into the sea.

Time 11:30, and on the beach very few people, and it’s for the best. Explored the surrounding coral reefs and was struck by the purity of the water, variety, number, beauty and colors of corals and fish.

Among the rare and dangerous fish on the second day was lucky to see a lionfish and many other species of fish and whole colonies of sea urchins, threatening all kinds of long black poisonous spines.

After the underwater walk assort spin, cling on jig yellow-red Twister. Long casts brought no strikes. And in underwater inspection I found a small cave, which was a shelter for many fishes, and in a plumb line from the bridge decided to break and that point. And harassement bite! Traiana marine life on the line brought me in the sense that I’m fishing and not at the resort.

And here it is! My first beast of the sea, spreading its spines and fins, lies, defeated, on the boards. After the photo shoot this fish-protein is off the hook herself and was released back home! It was the only bite and capture this day.

On February 15, was scheduled to tour with fishing. Fishing the Egyptians called hour stop at sea and attempt to catch a ground rod with grafting squid some animals. Bites were, and had bitten chunks of bait, but managed to catch only two fish, and the guides.

Landed on an island called Utopia. First of all uncovers the spin and try to break all perspective points. But in the district only underwater vegetation Yes sandy bottom. However, in these areas lives a fish called the spotted sand Percy that by digging in the sand and leaving outside only the eyes, hunting for food. Here they met: my Twister and perky, literally on the first cast. Behind her three other, but smaller. All were drowned in the Red sea!

And here I had my first sea fishing. Combined with snorkeling, it turned out to be especially good. I wish you all tight lines to you all!

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