Films about sharks – predators of the deep sea
More and more viewers started to watch horror movies. What is it? The fear of uncertainty, a world of knowledge or just to tickle nerves. Maybe all three. Special attention…

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Ornamental pond
Make the pond at the dacha with his hands can any modern inhabitant of the metropolis. And this does not need to resort to heavy construction equipment. The material describes…

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Yellow snail aquarium

Yellow snail aquarium – more stupid title to come up with couldn’t so today let’s talk about aquarium snails – Apple snails. And again, all the best was written to us.

A short guide for men containing Apple snails in the pond or aquarium. More detailed information is available on the website Schooling Ghesquire (Stijn Ghesquiere)

(all in English). Here presented Russian version. Translation – Timothy Slavkin.


From a translator: Further in the text is a literal translation of English common names apple snail (snail-Apple), will be used in the conventional Russian aquariums is the Apple snail. The family Ampullariidae or Apple snails combines freshwater snails that live in the tropics around the world, some species of Apple snails there are on the market for aquariums and ponds. Their attractive appearance and relatively big size (5 to 15 cm / 2 to 6 inches, depending on the species) greatly contributed to the popularity of these creatures. However, despite cherokoee the spread of Apple snails, a lot of myths surrounding them, also called mystery snails.
For example, the most popular book on aquarium Apple snails describe under the names of Ampullaria gigas and Ampullaria cuprina . although both of these name incorrect and not used in the scientific literature for many years. It just so happens that many scientific papers about the Apple snails (since the 17-18th centuries) remained unknown to the authors of popular books. According to the currently accepted

the classification of the family of Apple snails ( Ampullariidae ) is divided into several genera: Asolene, Felipponea, Marisa and Pomacea living in the Western hemisphere (South and Central America, West Indies and the American South), while the genera Afropomus, Lanistes and Saulea live in Africa. The genus Pila is found both in Africa and in Asia. What Apple snails are dioecious – another little-known fact. Contrary to the opinion of most people, not all snails are hermaphrodites and Apple snails are just one example of many. This should be know to people who want to breed these snails or just want to prevent their reproduction. Unfortunately it’s difficult to determine the sex of most Apple snail species only by their appearance, until they begin to mate or the female will not lay eggs.

Habitat and adaptability

Apple snails inhabit a wide range of ecosystems from swamps, ditches and ponds to lakes and rivers. The majority of the species prefer lentic water above streaming water and only a few species have adapted to life in rivers with fast current.

Catfish marinated sauce Wasabi
Fish, catfish rice Vinegar - black rice Vinegar - red Oil - sesame Oil - olive Sauce - sweet soy Sauce - Worcestershire Sauce - pomegranate Paste - Wasabi Mayonnaise…


The Maritime aquarium at home
The difference between marine aquarium from freshwater counterpart in the unusual used items, decorative designs and the tank contents with salt water. It requires the use of more expensive technologies…

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