Mediterranean sea
The longest is the Mediterranean coast, anciently prityagivaet and the favorable strategic location, rich marine resources and a mild climate. Currently there are wonderful beaches with Golden sand and gently…

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Catfish marinated sauce Wasabi

Fish, catfish rice Vinegar – black rice Vinegar – red Oil – sesame Oil – olive Sauce – sweet soy Sauce – Worcestershire Sauce – pomegranate Paste – Wasabi Mayonnaise – provincal Cream – 20% Onions – green Nuts – Marinated cedar – daikon Pickled – ginger Lemon – slices Greens: lettuce and arugula

How to cook

Step by step photos

1. First prepare the marinade for the catfish. In a bowl pour about 50 ml red rice vinegar

2. The same sweet soy sauce

3. The same sesame oil

4. The same amount of white rice vinegar

5. About 25 ml. Vorchesterskogo sauce

6. And it is quite a little pomegranate sauce. Thoroughly whisk everything with a whisk until a homogeneous liquid.

7. Put in the marinade pre-sliced and dried fish. Marinating time 30 to 60 minutes. I marinated for 1 hour. Periodically turning the pieces of fish.

8. While fish is marinating, prepare the sauce to 1 part Wasabi paste, 2 part mayonnaise and 2 parts cream.

9. Green onions finely chop, not advertising – a ceramic knife. Knives are my weakness is a separate issue.

10. Chopped onion added to the sauce and whisk thoroughly with a whisk until obrazovatelnoi mass.

11. On the plate put the arugula leaves

12. Them lettuce

13. Then laid the feathers onions

14. They pickled Daikon

15. The substrate is ready for fish. Start cooking fish. In a heated pan pour a little olive oil.

16. And fry the fish for about 3-5 minutes on each side.

17. Fried pieces of fish spread on a backing of greenery.

18.Fish generously sprinkle with pine nuts

19. Spread on top of pickled ginger

20. And here came the turn of sauce. Spread the prepared sauce wasabi on the fish.

21. Add bar – thin slices of lemon

22. Finishing chord – feathers bow. The dish is ready. Yet not for consumption, although it is possible. But it’s better to sustain him 30 minutes and that, then and start taking pleasure and delight in absorbing delicate fish dishes.

23. I wasn’t bored in the kitchen, I was all the time near my cat. She first assessed the palatability of catfish. And then full and happy slept on the chair while I continued to cook.

For more information

Acquaintances back from his trip. We went to Astrakhan. The fishing they took place and managed. So they indulged me som, not the biggest.

Recipe: Catfish marinated sauce Wasabi how to cook quick and tasty at home

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