Numerous varieties of goldfish are the most common home-cooked fish. This is due to their easy adaptability, thanks to which they can live in the aquarium and garden pond. All goldfish are descended from goldfish living in southern China. The first mention of the Golden carp painting dates back to about 400 g. Since then, the local population began breeding the breeding of different breeds. In Europe the goldfish were in the beginning of the XVII century

Has changed not only the color of wild carp, but the form of his body, and in some cases the tail and fin. The individuals of the most common varieties of brilliant orange scales, they often grow in length and 20 cm or more, especially in ponds. Among breeds of goldfish are cold-resistant varieties. These are, in particular, subunity. Their color is variegated: main blue background break sections of black and gold scales. London shubunkin tail fin more angular than that of his kinsman Bristol. Different breed of goldfish is the comet. She pointed tail and often reddish-white colour. The comet is very active, so they are better off in the pond, than in the aquarium.

Ornamental goldfish are much better to keep in the aquarium — they are not as hardy to live in the pond, as some of their closest relatives. Decorative rocks differ from more natural made body shape. Before buying a goldfish, check morosoli they swim. If the fish are in the water under abnormal angle, this indicates a defect of their swim bladder. To fancy breeds of goldfish applies, in particular, the moor, immediately recognizable by the black color. In recent years, have become especially popular pearls, in individuals which is convex, reminiscent of the tiny gems on the scales.

Changing the shape of the caudal fin, have been withdrawn, for example, a variation of “Valuehost”. And livingonlove absent dorsal fin. This feature otlichae EC of orandy. The individuals of both breeds on the heads there is a build-up, nepominaiushchie raspberries (called hat), which reach maximum size after a certain number of years of fish life. The colour variations of both breeds, including blue and chocolate. Very popular red oranda with white scales on the body.

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