Marine aquarium for beginners
You can create a fabulous world of warm tropical seas with amazing color, shape, behavior of exotic animals and fish. Most lovers of the underwater world home with the fear…

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Wholesale fish in Kazakhstan
Perciformes (lat. Perciformes) — a detachment of the class of bony fish. There are over 6000 species and about 150 families. Characteristic features: part fin rays has the form of…

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Aquarium goldfish – types, care

Goldfish is one of the most famous and popular subspecies of ornamental freshwater fish that belong to the genus carp. The history of the domesticated goldfish has many centuries – during this period, selection method removed a large number of varieties, which differ by different external features (size, shape, color). Goldfish aquarium is very bright and beautiful, fills the house with positive energy and improves the mood of people around. All species of these wonderful creatures have their own characteristics, certain characteristics and advantages. Look at the most common varieties.

Main types of gold aquarium fish:

common aquarium goldfish – shaped body and fins are similar to the classic krasivymi;

shubunkin – elongated body with transparent scales. nerazdvoennym large caudal fin, mottled brindle color;

the ranch – short body oval shaped growths on the head, small fins on the back are absent in the color is dominated by bright shades of red;

oranda – body ovoid, elongated fins, have a characteristic growth on head, color white, red, blue or black;

the comet is elongated telos single fins, silver scales, tail yellow or bright red;

Valuehost – characterized by elongated fins and bright fluffy tail, the globular body;

butterfly – has the graceful shape of the caudal fin, which is similar to the wings of a butterfly;

the pearl – a short globular body with small fins and scales are an unusual convex shape in the form of pearls, the color is orange, red or white;

eurohost – short flat body, tail double horizontal, up slightly elevated;

telescope – ovoid body with long fins, beady eyes, large size;

comet – body elongate, large tail fin red or yellow color in the form of a tape;

Rukin – the body in the form of a ball with a curved hump back;

livingonlove – round body with a distinctive growths on the head;

sky eye is a large convex eyes with pupils, which are directed upward;

pompom – a small body with small fins or even without them.

Scientists have found thousands of new species of amazing marine animals
17 more than 650 new species of marine life discovered by scientists during the international project "Census of marine life" . In different corners of our planet with the help…


Numerous varieties of goldfish are the most common home-cooked fish. This is due to their easy adaptability, thanks to which they can live in the aquarium and garden pond. All…

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