Breeding aquarium fish
Thanks to the fish breeding in the aquarium you can have an interesting observation of the nesting, output of young animals, spawning, mating habits of fish, the development of eggs.…

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Fishing in Ukraine: Transcarpathia Large catfish are caught on spinning.
A fisherman from Transcarpathia (Ukraine) during sports! fishing on the Tisza river caught a big catfish - fish draped 52 kg, and its growth reached 2.10 m About the secrets…

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Salad “Fish in the pond”

Delicious, delicate and light salad “Fish in the pond” will decorate any holiday table, especially served in honor of the first spring holiday — 8 March.

It would seem that such different products as sprats and pineapple never to meet in a salad bowl. But that’s the beauty of culinary experiments. through which the impossible becomes possible, and incongruous turns into a real harmony of taste.

So, for salad “Fish in the pond” will prepare:

4 eggs, 1 carrot, 150g of cheese (I used Dutch), 1 can (240g) sprat, 1 Bank of pineapples (pieces), a bunch of green onions, mayonnaise to taste.

First, cook hard-boiled eggs and carrots until tender.

In the process of compiling the recipe I noticed that you should get eight layers, which is very symbolic to celebrate the Eighth of March.

1. At the bottom of the salad bowl lay out the pineapple slices.

2. On top of the pineapple RUB on a coarse grater carrots and covered her light mayonnaise mesh.

3. The next layer is cheese, but not the whole piece, but only 1/2, we as carrots should be rubbed on a grater with large holes.

4. And here came the turn sprat: put them in a separate plate, select the three fish with the tails smooth and put aside (they will “swim in the pond”), and the other with the oil from canned mash with a fork into a homogeneous mass. Spread on cheese layer of sprats.

5. The top layer of fish again, grate the cheese. Note that between the fish and cheese no mayonnaise, because sprats and so is quite fat and juicy, and extra calories.

6. Boiled eggs divided into whites and yolks. Before the previous layer-cheese to RUB protein, add a thin layer of mayonnaise.

7. Squirrels put crushed or grated on a fine grater yolks and “draw” on them mayonnaise patterns. Make three holes in that drop tails up previously deferred sprats.

8. The role acts as the final layer of finely chopped green onions, which can cover the entire surface of salad “Fish in the pond” or decorate the rim of the salad bowls.

Bon appetite and great holidays!

Aquarium goldfish – types, care
Goldfish is one of the most famous and popular subspecies of ornamental freshwater fish that belong to the genus carp. The history of the domesticated goldfish has many centuries –…


Numerous varieties of goldfish are the most common home-cooked fish. This is due to their easy adaptability, thanks to which they can live in the aquarium and garden pond. All…

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