Dwarf catfish cat catfish and marine pennant

Dwarf catfish-the cat belongs to the group of North American catfishes, known as steers, which differ from congeners rounded tail fin.

The fish is slender, brownish-mottled with lighter belly. Anal fin long and fat on the back of small. Mouth surrounded by several pairs of mustache.

Usually kept at the bottom in weedy waters, where it mostly eats invertebrates (molluscs, insect larvae), although generally eats anything from fish to plants. Com the cat is active at night, finds prey using whiskers on his chin. Spring dug in on the muddy bottom of the shallow hole vymatyvayutsya sticky eggs, which the male guards. After hatching the fry what-th time float flock floor protection one or both parents until you grow up to 2.5 centimeters.

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Scientists have found thousands of new species of amazing marine animals

17 more than 650 new species of marine life discovered by scientists during the international project “Census of marine life” . In different corners of our planet with the help of automatic cameras, sonar and other equipment of deep-sea biologists from 80 countries explored the seabed down to depths of 1 to 5 km, to where “reign of eternal twilight.” Oil worms, crabs with furry claws, completely transparent sea cucumbers with tentacles-spikes – this is not a complete list of detected living beings. But, according to the scientists themselves, it is at the bottom of the Central part of the Atlantic ocean . in the vicinity of the Easter Islands and New Zealand made the most specific opening.

Gelatinous octopus nicknamed Dumbo thanks to a pair of fins funny forms that look like the ears of the disney character of the same name. It weighs 6 kg with a body length of about 2 meters and lives at a depth of 3,000 meters. Continue reading

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