Free games about fish

The owners of the seas and oceans, rivers and lakes, and all water resources of our planet – fish. Due to the fact that they have Zebra, they can breathe oxygen that is dissolved in water. Fish are cold-blooded animals with simple nervous and circulatory system. They all organs and body structure adapted for life in water. They say that fish are dumb and can’t talk, but this is a misconception. Fish still emit very weak sounds. In the course of evolution more and more advanced above-ground animals went from the fish. Fish went from amphibians, which later evolved reptiles, and then mammals. Fish occupy an important trophic value in the water. They feed on small insects and other worms, and fish in turn feed on other higher animals. In the seas and oceans fish often move in large shoals which can be several thousands.

In the last century greatly increased fisheries and oceans and seas disappeared many species of fish. But they are able to quickly recover their population if they don’t catch. Continue reading

How to cook fish

Fish can be boiled, simmered, fried, steamed and baked. Usually cook cod, halibut, flounder, perch, carp, trout, salmon, sturgeon, carp, carp, hake, etc.

Not to add salt to raw fish before cooking, as this will impair the taste of the fish.

To prepare appetizers and main dishes of fish pour hot water at the rate of 2 liters per 1 kg of fish. Medium-sized fish, usually cooked whole and cut into large portions.

The less water taken for cooking fish, the better it tastes. Excess water and rapid boiling degrade the taste of the fish.

Fish sturgeons, catfish and also better to cook large pieces and slice immediately before serving.

Boiling sturgeon, don’t put so much spices, as these fish have a pleasant smell and delicate taste.

Fish do not digest – it will become hard, tasteless.

Whole fish simmer and put in the warm water. If you put her in hot water, the skin may burst. Sliced fish immerse in hot water. Small fish thrown into the boiling water. Continue reading

The construction of the reservoir in the country

Water is the source of life on Earth. This expression applies to the whole planet, and to small areas. Life in the city impossible to imagine without a visit to the river, lake or pond. But on the site I want to have a pond. Modern technologies, such as pumps for wells or drainage, even in a small area to make a pond, pool or small waterfall.

The easiest type of pond is suitable for garden decoration. It can build landscapers who at the same time adorn a makeshift pond with suitable plants, small architectural forms, for example, a bridge with a small watermill. But the pond is intended for fish, needs to be deeper and it is more difficult, so have other design professionals.

Pond fish

First of all, intelligence is a geodesic, and if it gave positive results, we can proceed to trench. Then have to choose the material from which made the garden pond. Now the preference is given the so-called liquid rubber, as traditionally used for this purpose, the plastic is too brittle. Rubber tank is less susceptible to mechanical stress and to take any form, apart from the fact this material is durable. Continue reading

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