Ornamental pond

Make the pond at the dacha with his hands can any modern inhabitant of the metropolis. And this does not need to resort to heavy construction equipment. The material describes how to make a pond on the site with the help of finished plastic containers and plastic film. Before making a pond in the garden need to carefully plan its development, and bookmarks.

How to make a pond from a film on a plot in the garden?
With the flexible coating to really bring to life most daring idea, maybe only slightly adjust its size in accordance with the actual width of the roll of film or butyl rubber, so there were no big scraps, because the cost of these materials is quite high. We offer you to learn how to make a pond with his own hands using locally available materials.

When choosing a location, before you make a garden pond with your hands, make sure that most of specific points of the plot it looked great, but on its surface one could see an interesting reflection not only of clouds, but the house and plants. Continue reading

Oceanic nekton

The ocean abounds with excellent swimmers who, in the words of the famous German nineteenth-century biologist Ernest Haeckel, “free to find their own way”. They can resist the strong current of water and to choose their own way, different from the animals of the plankton. The combination of these actively swimming animals E. Haeckel called the nekton, which means “floating”. Technically, the nekton are aquatic snakes, birds, and animals, but here we will talk only about the two groups of nektonic organisms — the fish and cephalopod molluscs.

Important nektonic animals adaptations to life in the water column of the ocean, according to Professor Yuri Aleev are maintaining the body in a suspended state, creating a driving force, reducing the resistance of the counter flow of water, control the movement of the body, as well as in the ability to disguise and protection. Continue reading

How to make the right choice of fish?

So, before buying fish in pet stores or Bird markets – read carefully recommendations for choosing healthy and lovely Pets. A healthy pet should have clear and clean eyes eyes quietly and breathe evenly. If you notice convulsive or rapid breathing – better do not buy such fish long she will live. Deserves attention and the condition of the fins – they should be no muddy streaks, very transparent and should have smooth edges untwisted. All scales must be in place, and the scales should adhere tightly to the body of the fish.

Before buying aquarium Pets, should be aware of the nature of the fish you want to breed at home. It happens that some of the signs of the disease may not notice even aquarists with lots of experience. In this case you can apply will be quarantined. Quarantine is when you bought the fish put into a separate aquarium that is empty and not furnished, i.e. it should be neither soil nor plants. Allowed to leave a few stones on the bottom. The water temperature must be such as I had enjoyed the fish, of course you should check with the seller for her usual water temperature for the content. Monoselenide aquarium while mastering fish the new location. In this kind of quarantine fish can last from one week to one month, depending on the situation. Sometimes it happens that required a longer period of quarantine. Continue reading

Marine aquarium
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Sharks: The story of a bookplate
Ten years ago, on the island of Sipadan in Malaysia, I took a picture of my first shark. It was almost certainly a shark-Zebra, Stegostoma fasciatum. The current was carrying…

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