Food for aquarium fish

It is no secret that on the correct feeding of aquarium fish depends on their health, well-being and breeding success.

Therefore, you should thoroughly approach the question of choosing food for aquarium fish.

Live food for aquarium fish

Motyl. Perhaps the most common live food sold in stores. The most valuable food, loved by all, without exception, carnivorous fish. The signs of quality bloodworms – it needs to be in color bright red. Burgundy or dark red color of the moth suggests that it had deteriorated. Such bloodworms to give the fish is not worth it. Bought bloodworms should be rinsed in running water.

Store food in the refrigerator in the vegetable compartment in a moist cloth. In this form it can be stored up to 7 days. You can keep the bloodworms in frozen form, if to prepare him for the future. Continue reading

Marine aquarium for beginners

You can create a fabulous world of warm tropical seas with amazing color, shape, behavior of exotic animals and fish.

Most lovers of the underwater world home with the fear of men looking at the establishment of a marine aquarium. They are frightened not only the financial side but also many obscure points.

To create a saltwater aquarium any aquarium factory manufacturing. The market offers a large selection of aquariums from leading Russian, European and Asian manufacturers. The only difference is in the configuration of some of the aquariums lighting and filter elements.

Choosing an aquarium is an individual matter. Does not matter, what shape, what capacity and what kind of glass your tank will be, but there is one mandatory rule: the frame should be metal and have a reactive putties. Sea water is an aggressive alkaline environment. It must not contact the metal parts all over through the filtration systems. Continue reading

Red-tail catfish, or Phractocephalus

Practieal, or redtail catfish is a beautiful fish, but very large and predatory. In order to contain such a catfish, you should have an aquarium of at least 500 liters. The growth of the red-tail catfish is not limited to displacement, it will still increase for the year not less than half a meter, and further more will add 30-40 centimeters.

Compatibility with other fish

Red tail catfish is an active predator, and since a very young age systematically destroys all the neighbors on the aquarium that fits in its vast mouth. And he does it not by his vampirism, but simply because he likes to eat. For this reason, phractocephalus contain singly, or with very large fish. Often neighbors in the aquarium become pseudoplatystoma. astronotus. arowana .

What to feed a red tail catfish

Red tail catfish feeding aquarium animal food and it is hard to say what food they don’t like. When catfish are small and sell to their size 6-8 cm and feed them bloodworms, beef heart, squid, shrimp, fillet of sea fish (all finely chopped). As you grow in the diet administered also small living fish, chicken heart, liver (without cutting). Love phractocephalus raw capelin, it can be cut into pieces with bones. Continue reading